The beginning


I need to start somewhere and since I’m not sure where that is, I have been paralyzed for months. With that said, I was reminded that how I spend my Sundays preparing for the week is a plan not many others come up with. So, my first post with you all will be about preparation.

I started a new job on 11/4 that puts me in the office from 7:30-5 5 days a week. That leaves little time to do much meal prep for my family of 4 (daughter who is 6, son who is 4 and my uber-busy husband who is in the midst of college basketball season). Thus, my Sunday prep day is a must for maintaining any sense of sanity.

It all began Saturday morning with a blank grocery list, my iPhone with Pinterest pulled up and my calendar. From there I determine which nights actually require meals (no meal prep on basketball game nights!). I put a !, but really the food is not exactly the best. But, it is free and we usually end up with a salad and meat of some sort. Back to the meals I have control over…I then try and rotate my proteins. That means a beef dish, chicken, pork or eggs, seafood, etc. Ideally, we aim for a different protein each night of the week to ensure complete nutrient coverage. I compare what is in my freezer (I totally stock up when Sprouts has a deal on grass-fed ground beef or there is a similar deal online) and what we haven’t had in a while. This week resulted in:

Sunday: Greek marinated chicken with roasted broccoli ( broccoli, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper)

Monday: Game night!
Tuesday: Chili (ground beef in freezer, canned organic tomatoes, butternut squash, bell pepper, onion, Stellar Organic red wine and beef stock).
Wednesday: balsamic marinated flank steak
Thursday: crock pot ribs (we have gymnastics from 5-6 that night so hubs can turn on crock pot with seasoned ribs and a bottle of Lost Gold IPA at lunchtime so dinner is ready when we get home)
Friday: nephew’s bball game

From that menu, I determine what I have on hand versus what we need. I hit the Farmer’s market and Whole Foods on Saturday. Sunday was marinating chicken for dinner that night, making marinade for flank steak, cooking chili in crockpot to reheat for Tuesday, making beef jerky for the kids’ lunches and laundry. Sounds like a lot , but there is now very little to do each night of the week to end up with a tasty, healthy, nutrient-dense meal that everyone can enjoy. This has simply become a habit and way of life in the crazy world of the Schwartz family.

Come back to learn more ways we have incorporated eating real food into our budget and everyday life.



2 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. Betty Miller

    OMG………My head is spinning. You go girl. Got to give you props for taking the time and effort to plan and prepare these healthy meals for your family. I am amazed and pleased that you are also taking the time to share all this with others that are interested in doing the same. You learned all this from the fine example I set for you……right? lol
    love, Mom

  2. Dalila

    This is a fantastic idea! I am a big Sunday prepper myself! We prep lunches and dinner every Sunday. It takes planning and time but the payoff is worth it. People think I am nuts but I agree there is a better way in the business of our week. I look forward to new ideas and ways to spruce up the Arntson menu!

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