Why Real Food?


It all began for us about 4 years ago…my husband’s thirst to learn all that there is to know about fueling your body really took off. The more he read, the more he shared with me. I politely listened as a supportive wife, until the day he announced that we would no longer be eating pasta. PASTA! The dish I made
once a week with my version of meat sauce, i.e. the cheapest ground beef I could find mixed with Prego pasta sauce. I was floored, aghast, dumbfounded and at a loss of what I could make for the next 10,000 meals. As such, I fought back against the ridiculousness of his demand.

He offered to help come up with new meal ideas that could be an alternative for this mom of a young child. I conceded on making pasta at home. His learning continued as I became more interested in learning how to expand my repertoire of meals. I watched a lot of Food Network shows and even You Tubed how to cut an onion like they do on tv. We still made meatball sandwiches (frozen Costco meatballs mixed with Prego sauce), hash browns mixed with sausage and eggs, and ate cereal.

Two years later, hubby now announced that pizza would be the next staple to go. Once again, feelings of despair, fear, and a pit in my stomach appeared. Seriously?! PIZZA! Another knock down, drag out fight ensued. How dare he declare such a thing when he had no hand in preparing meals?! And organic food is for people who don’t shave their armpits or brush their hair! Once I stopped spinning, he explained that with all that he has learned about how awful carbs, gluten, conventionally raised produce and hormone laden milk is for your body, how could he possibly continue to feed it to his kids?

How do you argue with that logic? Next came my concern over cost. We were both working our tails off and had 2 growing kids and a mortgage. But we sat down and calculated how much we were spending on eating out, convenience foods and my ‘staples.’ Turns out, that way of eating requires much more quantities of food and is therefore almost the same cost-wise. Shocking, eh?!

Tis true. Once we took the baby steps towards grass-fed meat, organic fruits and vegetables, and high-quality dairy, it became easier to eat REAL FOOD. What is real food? It is food that is not processed, pesticide-laden, hormone-heavy, or made with sugar or grains. If your grandmother had the option to eat it, it fit the bill. Why real food? It is nourishing to your body, reduces the incidence of illness, helps you to express the best of your genetic makeup, and keeps your digestive track running smooooothly.

Sean Croxton of www.undergroundwellness.com coined the term ‘JERF’ or just eat real food. My kids love to sing “Every day I’m jerfalin’.”
We have started reading more books, a few favorites being ‘Rich Food, Poor Food’ by the Carlton’s, ‘Deep Nutrition’ by Dr. Cate and my ‘Well Fed’ cookbook.

It has not always been easy, and I have fallen off track plenty of times. Each time, I am reminded why I don’t eat junk because I am greeted with bloating, pain and a trip to the WC for awhile.

So, with my husband in tow, we started combing Pinterest and cookbooks for recipes that would incorporate our new way of eating. Most meals have been resounding successes! I have become quite handy in the kitchen and am eating (and loving) foods that I never would have tried otherwise. My husband and children now love vegetables! It’s all in the quality of the ingredients and how you prepare them.

This is what I hope to share with you all. Recipes that get you excited about food and cooking again, support for those interested in making the switch to real food or even how to just plan for meals.


One thought on “Why Real Food?

  1. I have received comments regarding the cost of dairy. Good quality dairy products are very pricy (and equally delicious). Once I learned how much milk is required to make a small block of cheese, we have worked on ‘respecting the cheese.’ Our bi-weekly dairy bill is still about $100. We have made the choice for that over miscellaneous shopping and medical costs. 50 years ago, most of people’s income was spent on food. Now it has switched places with healthcare. I choose to create healthy kids and forgo the need for more than preventive healthcare.

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