Real Food Supplements, Part 1


Gummy vitamins are all the rage, but do the best supplements really come from a test tube? By eating Real Food, we’ve been able to find many ‘supplements’ to incorporate into our eating routine. I actually only consider them supplements since they are not a dish in and of itself. I will explore each of the main ‘supplements’ in a 3 part series.

There are 3 basic ‘supplements’: fermented cod liver oil, greens and bone broth. The first one we’ll cover is the one we consume daily and is the most important one, fermented cod liver oil.

Scandinavian warriors kept fermented cod livers in barrels outside their huts because they knew of its superpowers. While that could not be feasibly done today (unless you wanted every cat within a 25 mile radius hanging out at your house), it certainly has been proven to have such superpowers.

You’ve heard of the benefits of omega-3 fats and fish oil such as brain boosting, vitamins A and D for hormone production, muscle tone, weight loss, skin improvement, etc. Fermented cod liver oil can be thought of as a suped up fish oil. We purchase ours online from Green Pasture ( It comes in cinnamon tingle and arctic mint flavors. Our kids, who take a teaspoon a day, prefer cinnamon tingle. The hubs and I take a tablespoon a day and like both flavors. We purchase ours in bulk and store in a cool, dark coat closet. Why a coat closet? Why not?!



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