It’s winter in most parts of the US, even though it’s oddly warm here in Texas. During this time of year, I crave warm one-pot dishes that incorporate meat, veggies and makes my house smell warm and cozy. What fits that description better than chili!

Real Food chili is so savory and delicious, not to mention bowl cleaning worthy by my children. We mix up the add-ins depending on the seasonal veggies available and what I have on hand. Since we’ve gone hard core paleo/primal, beans have gone by the wayside. The phytic acid on the outside of beans requires the nutrients in your body to beak it down. As such, it actually takes nutrients OUT of our body in order to digest. Yikes!

So, when it came time to determine the holiday pot luck theme for my new staff, I was excited to share my chili with them. Much to my pleasant surprise, 2 of my nurses eat paleo as well, so I knew I had at least them on board. My latest twist is to incorporate butternut squash into the chili and sometimes kale if I have it. Both add a great texture and sneak in some extra oomph to your diet. Here we go!



Today I have fire roasted tomatoes, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. I’m working my way towards organic non-irradiated spices, but the last time I bought chili powder I got the BIG bottle! I did incorporate red and black beans this time as I’m trying to feed 10 people with this. Next, I added a diced onion (as I learned on YouTube…






I also diced carrots and red pepper, browned 2 #ground beef with another diced onion and added it all to the pot. As there wasn’t much juice due to the lack of beans, I added 1.5 cups organic beef broth and 1 cup organic red wine (one of our favorites!). It smells so good, hope they love it!!




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