How to ‘clean’ your fridge


With the new year upon us and resolutions in full swing (or perhaps getting a bit shaky already), this is the perfect time to ‘clean’ your fridge. How can you expect to stay on track without having the support of a healthy home. So open up your fridge doors and follow these 5 easy steps to transforming your icebox.

1. Check expiration dates (starting easy!)

The first step in meal planning, eating clean and learning about food can start with the simple act of checking the expiration dates of everything in your fridge. This allows you to take stock of what all you have, throw out what is old AND determine if the item is worth replacing with a fresh or alternative item. Did your ketchup lose it’s zing 5 months ago? Take the opportunity to swap it out for an organic version that contains no high fructose corn syrup.




2. Read ingredient labels of what’s left.

Can you pronounce the ingredients? Does it contain artificial items such as hydrolyzed protein, soy lecithin, xanthan gum or artificial flavor? When your computer doesn’t recognize these words, perhaps you shouldn’t either. You may want to give some of those items a second thought or look for an alternative. Are our bodies made to run on food grown on land or a lab?

3. Sanitize your fridge.

Now that many items are out of your refrigerator, take the opportunity to really clean the drawers and shelves. What’s the use of eating well if there are lingering germs ruining all of your healthy food!

4. Make your list.

We keep our fridge stocked with a couple of real food staples:

Eggs (pasture-raised, organic, free-range)
Raw almond butter


Butter, real butter. Not margarine or vegetable oil spread. From grass-fed cows. Unsalted so you can control the amount in your food. Mmmmm, I love butter for everything from sautéing my vegetables to substituting for cream in my coffee.


Yogurt. Plain and made with whole milk. This contains the least amount of sugar while providing your gut with a great amount of necessary bacteria (flora) for your gut.


Consider rounding out your list with some fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, whole milk cheeses from Organic Valley and some Applegate meats.

5. Strategically place food back in your fridge.

Have little ones? Place carrots, grapes or other healthy snacks within their reach. They are more likely to eat these items if they can reach them without your help. Eggs and items in glass jars? Towards the back or on top shelf. When fresh items are within easy reach and sight, they are less likely to be overlooked and allowed to go bad.

Happy New Year!!



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