Real Food Supplements-Part 3


Want to eat your way to wrinkle-free skin? Avoid expensive and painful Botox while also improving your saddlebags. My final real food supplement is the most delicious…chicken bone broth.

That’s right, a simple cup of bone broth every other day provides the glycosaminoglycans your body needs to help rebuild your collagen. This improves the health of all of your connective tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc). This also helps smooth out the layer under your skin that causes the lumpy cottage cheese look on your thighs. By providing the necessary building blocks of protein, you can prevent or improve wrinkles, strengthen your nails and even your hair!

We purchase ours frozen from Chef Lance at in 24 oz packs in quantities of 5, 10 or 15. We get 4 servings out of each pack. Sometimes we add a little salt, otherwise you could add some herbs and spices. Mostly we drink it plain. A delicious way to keep that youthful look!!



One thought on “Real Food Supplements-Part 3

  1. You should try making your own chicken brother, keep the bones from your next roast chicken and use them to make homemade broth. It’s awesome and easy in a crockpot. =)

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