Eating away from home


The hardest part for me of eating different than the ‘norm’ is traveling with others. This week, the kids and I have been on the road visiting family with very little say in where or what we ate. This can easily be a stumbling block for those trying to eat healthy, as it is really tempting to just give in to what you have available. Knowing I was coming into this situation, I packed a few Epic bars, apples, Artisana coconut, almond and walnut butter packets, my ‘cereal’, Fiji water, raisins and dark chocolate.




These simple staples provided breakfast for 3 mornings (nut or coconut butter on an apple or ‘cereal’ dry in a bowl). We certainly did not eat perfectly, but we worked with what we had and utilized our snack bag as the first option before resorting to something else.

The key to maintaining this way of eating as a lifestyle and not just a quick method to lose weight is thinking ahead, taking control of what you can and not beating yourself up when you cannot be perfect. I will say that I so look forward to the crockpot pork tenderloin and brussel sprouts I have planned for tomorrow and will be sharing on here soon!! Happy eating!


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