This week’s meal plan


Last week was crazy out of sorts with a last minute trip with the kiddos to New York, so our meal plan went out the window. Luckily, all of the meat we purchased was freeze-worthy. So, this week’s meal plan was slight easier as I had a framework already in mind.

Sunday: crockpot pork tenderloin with sage and garlic rub with a balsamic maple glaze and parmesan roasted green beans. Love being able to spend 10 minutes prepping a meal and get to play outside/get housework done while it cooks.

Monday: I will be attempting my first whole chicken and am cooking it in a crock pot. Love coming home from work with the only decision being which fork do I use? I found organic cauliflower on sale and have baby carrots on hand. One of those will be turned into a side, depending on my mood.

Tuesday: Home basketball game, food there.

Wednesday: Meatza! One gem of a recipe from my Well Fed cookbook. Instead of dough, the base of your pizza is ground beef. Lucky for me, the meat patties can be cooked in advance. You just add some marinara sauce and veggies of your choice and bake. Voila!!

Thursday: pesto eggs with bacon and mozzarella. We eat A LOT of eggs, the homemade pesto just gives it a fresh new look (fresh, get it?!). Breakfast for dinner always a hit.

Friday: Applegate the great organic hot dogs (hubby out of town, I’m off the hook!).

Saturday starts the meal planning process all over again. What are you all having for dinner this week??



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