Unexpected perks of eating real food


Do you think eating real food is only about losing weight or changing the world?

The key is to shift your mindset. How do the cheap dinners make you feel? Stuffed, sleepy, lethargic, only to be starving 2 hours later? Imagine not being starving, feeling full of energy, clear-headed and eager to tackle what life throws at you. It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but try it for yourself. A simple salad full of veggies with a hard boiled egg and cheese fills me up just enough that I can keep chugging through my day without feeling sluggish.

My salad from the salad bar at Whole Foods costs $2.50 on average. I add a 50 cent egg and about $1 of cheese. My complete lunch costs $4.50 if you overestimate the cost of olive oil and red wine vinegar I use as dressing. Going out to eat is usually $10 and leaves you cloudy for the rest of the day.

So, yes, we spend $6.49 for a dozen eggs from WF ($5 if we make it to the farmers market). We also spend $7.50 per block of cheese from farmers market and purchase 6 at a time. Astounding, right? Add in our $8 gallons of milk that we drink two of in a week. BUT, we eat every breakfast at home and almost every lunch and dinner.

While these may seem high, my kids are rarely sick and I drink far less coffee than I would otherwise, saving tons. We spend more for quality rather than quantity of food.

In 1950, we spent 20% of our income on food and 5% on healthcare. Today it is the opposite. Would you rather spend your hard earned money on tasty food or medicine for your family? Which leaves you feeling great, have clear skin, gives you lots of energy and reduces the amount of injuries you may experience?

Food for thought…


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