How to eat clean on a budget


One of the biggest barriers to eating clean is the idea of cost. One looks at what they are currently purchasing (box of Mac and cheese for $1 versus organic Applegate salami for $3.97). Depending on what you are comparing, it can appear like an extreme difference and well beyond what most people can spend. See below for some of the ways we cut costs while eating clean.

Seasons: produce is cheapest when it is in season. This was a hard one for me to overcome because I ate berries everyday before. I thought I would have to hibernate when they were unavailable in the winter. Now I am learning that the body needs the nutrients found in winter veggies in winter and summer fruits in summer. It is much cheaper to eat these foods in season and ensures you have variety throughout the whole year.

Sales: Sprouts has ground grass-fed beef on sale about every other month. When I see the ad, I run to the store and purchase several pounds each individually wrapped and freeze until I am ready to cook. I have also found my best priced olive oil there.

Bulk: WF has butcher bundles, farms offer half a cow or similar such quantities, Costco has vats of coconut oil and organic butternut squash now, even organic wine is discounted in bulk. There is not much in terms of fresh items that can be purchased in bulk, so take advantage where you can!!

Cuts of meat: we have learned about the joys of flat steaks! We can get 8 steaks for $10 at our local grocery store, which even allows for leftovers! Pair with a $2.99 head of cauliflower for roasting and you have dinner for 4 for under $15. Compared with Hamburger Helper, it may seem more expensive, but it is so much better for you!!! Tonight we cooked a $20 pork butt, but will have enough leftovers to feed at least 3 of us tomorrow!

Small simple steps can make the transition to purchasing quality ingredients a little less painful on the wallet. Keep your eyes on the prize and prioritize!!!


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