Meals this week 2-23-14



Here is the plan for the upcoming week. Though I know spaghetti squash is headed out of season, I have found so many recipes lately incorporating it that I’m trying to pile them all in while I can. So, we are attempting spaghetti squash Mac and cheese as a side to our nitrate free smoked sausage. I will substitute coconut flour for the regular flour and raw Colby cheese for the cheddar (it’s what I have on hand…). MAIN TIP of meal planning: Work with what you’ve got. Total meal cost: $20

I will also be making the marinade for my Monday meal of baked mustard chicken. Want to ensure it has flavor and moist. MAIN TIP of meal planning: organize your meals so that your prep work takes place when you have time. If a meat needs 48 hours to marinate, plan to eat it on Tuesday night and prepare the flavor bath on Sunday. Spaghetti squash takes a lot of prep and I like to eat it fresh, so it is always a Sunday meal. Jerky takes a long time to cook and marinate. So, I just prepared the flavor bath and know I don’t have late meetings Tuesday or Wednesday, so I can cook it either of those evenings.

Baked Mustard Chicken – my substitutions include leaving skin on and bone in my chicken. Bought a huge bag of organic broccoli florets at Costco today for $5.29, so we’ll be eating lots of broccoli as sides the next 2 weeks…total meal cost: under $20

Will post pics of pulled pork and ribs as I make them!!

Happy eating!


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