Taco pie


So, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed my 6 year old daughter up for t-ball softball. 4 meetings a week, plus a full-time job is keeping me on my toes (and away from this blog). We live in Texas, so love tex-mex food. Any way to give some semblance of a tortilla mixed with taco flavor and it’s a hit in this house! This was easy to pull together, reheated well and even traveled in my four-year olds lunch box to preschool. Give it a go!

Taco Pie

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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Heat oven to 350.Melt your butter and add to brown rice flour with a pinch of salt. Mix and press into a 9 in pie plate. Dice and onion and sauté them in a pan with coconut oil. Once translucent, add ground grass-fed beef to brown. Add turmeric, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and onion powder. Pile beef mixture into pie crust and put into oven for 35 mins. We topped with raw pepper jack cheese and avocado. Yum!!

My inspiration: http://fastpaleo.com/recipe/taco-pie/







Grain Brain


Watched an amazing PBS show (never thought I’d say that) by Dr. David Perlmutter. He is a board certified neurologist who wrote the NY Times best selling book, Grain Brain. I learned so many things including gluten’s effects on the brain.

Turns out that gluten has only been around for the last 10,000 years, about 1% of time. Humans survived and were developed to be hunters and gatherers, eating meat and whatever else the land provided. With the dawn of agriculture, wheat and all of its hybridization came into existence.

In fact, whole wheat has a higher glycemic index value than either white bread or even a snickers. This also means that no grain counts as ‘Real Food.’

Since that time, depression, Alzheimer’s and diabetes has plagued those people in developed countries. Dr. Perlmutter told stories of his own patients that improved movement disorders, improved their child’s ADHD symptoms and reversed the effects of Alzheimer’s. This is extremely profound and information that cannot be ignored.

His 3 strategies to improving brain health were to 1) remove sugar, 2) remove gluten and 3) eat good fats. While for most this is easier said than done, those that have dealt with a family member suffering from any of those maladies will know that the ‘sacrifice’ is more than worth it.

Food for thought until next time…

I can’t believe I roasted a chicken


Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) often states there is nothing better than a roast chicken. There’s even a recipe titled something like engagement roast chicken (as in a guy would drop right down and propose after eating it bc it was soooo good). Really, that is some serious buildup. I get intimidated by trying things with such a reputation for fear it could never live up. But alas, I still pinned recipes for the day I put my big girl pants on and tried it out.

Week after week I would bypass those recipes when pinning to my Meals This Week board in Pinterest. It sat there taunting me, so beautiful and delicious looking. It must have been the pre-stomach bug high I was in that finally got me to write down 3 whole chickens on my grocery list. Yes, the recipe I selected was for THREE chickens!!! But I had a plan. In meal planning, it’s sort of a requisite. So, doubled over in pain I went to work…

Take all 3 beauties out of the packaging and arrange in 2 baking pans.

Slice your lemons and pick some rosemary from your backyard bush. I live in Texas, they plant rosemary EVERYWHERE. Shove the above inside the bird with chopped garlic and add a little salt.

Mix the glaze in a measuring cup (honey, lemon juice and coconut aminos that we use instead if GMO laden soy sauce). Pour 2/3 over top, adding rest later in the process.




It got great reviews, but sadly, I wasn’t up for eating any. After all that buildup and I couldn’t even eat it fresh!

The cool part is that with all of the extra meat, we then made chicken salad last night for dinner. The hubs made it while I was at softball with my daughter, so no pictures. But, it was a quick and easy meal, not to mention delicious. Of course it was, this was Roast Chicken!!!


We used the recipe above as inspiration. I can’t stand cilantro, so we used whole grain mustard instead and placed it all on a bed of spinach. Voila!

Super simple steak


When you take grains/carbs out of your diet, it is easy to fall into a boring meat rut. Well, I’m here to help you keep mixing things up! The surest way to keep your new lifestyle a success is to like the foods, keep it interesting and keep it simple. That’s why I was so happy to stumble upon this great recipe for a delicious, flavorful steak that takes no time at all!

I did leave out the sauce portion as it was an extra step and the steak is so great without it!

Gather your rub ingredients (I used Whole Foods organic decaf coffee also, but it wasn’t in a cute container)…


Stir, rub on your steaks and let them come to room temp for 40 minutes. Place them in a hot pan until a nice crust forms.


Let sit for 10 minutes prior to slicing. In the meantime, I sautéed up a combo of green beans and carrots. First, melt butter in a pan, add the veggies and turn down the heat to med-high. I do this when I can’t be bothered to cut the carrots so that I don’t burn the outside while trying to get it cooked through. After several minutes, I season with salt and pepper and then add a little pat of additional butter on top (per my hubby’s latest touch). Yum!


Slice the steak up (well, this is my kid’s plate, so cut however you want). And serve. Big hit!


The Latest Loot


Great new blog by my friend, Laura. Jump on the real food train with us! Toot, toot!

Roudabush Real Food Revolution

VitacostFeb28So I just placed my 3rd order with VItacost since embarking on this real food journey. This order was all about re-stocking the pantry and adding some new items. I placed this order on Feb. 25 and it arrived on Feb. 28. I have seen so many recipes calling for Almond Flour and Coconut Flour that I thought it was time to add them to my shopping cart. And I just love Maranatha Almond Butter – I use it to make Food Babe’s Almond Butter Brownies. And all that dark chocolate and shredded unsweetened coconut? Well that’s to make this recipe for coconut bark posted by my friend Tracey.

A few more reasons I love Vitacost (and just for the record, they aren’t paying me to say all these nice things):

  1. You can create a list of items you want to buy or regularly buy and save it for…

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