Super simple steak


When you take grains/carbs out of your diet, it is easy to fall into a boring meat rut. Well, I’m here to help you keep mixing things up! The surest way to keep your new lifestyle a success is to like the foods, keep it interesting and keep it simple. That’s why I was so happy to stumble upon this great recipe for a delicious, flavorful steak that takes no time at all!

I did leave out the sauce portion as it was an extra step and the steak is so great without it!

Gather your rub ingredients (I used Whole Foods organic decaf coffee also, but it wasn’t in a cute container)…


Stir, rub on your steaks and let them come to room temp for 40 minutes. Place them in a hot pan until a nice crust forms.


Let sit for 10 minutes prior to slicing. In the meantime, I sautéed up a combo of green beans and carrots. First, melt butter in a pan, add the veggies and turn down the heat to med-high. I do this when I can’t be bothered to cut the carrots so that I don’t burn the outside while trying to get it cooked through. After several minutes, I season with salt and pepper and then add a little pat of additional butter on top (per my hubby’s latest touch). Yum!


Slice the steak up (well, this is my kid’s plate, so cut however you want). And serve. Big hit!



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