I can’t believe I roasted a chicken


Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) often states there is nothing better than a roast chicken. There’s even a recipe titled something like engagement roast chicken (as in a guy would drop right down and propose after eating it bc it was soooo good). Really, that is some serious buildup. I get intimidated by trying things with such a reputation for fear it could never live up. But alas, I still pinned recipes for the day I put my big girl pants on and tried it out.

Week after week I would bypass those recipes when pinning to my Meals This Week board in Pinterest. It sat there taunting me, so beautiful and delicious looking. It must have been the pre-stomach bug high I was in that finally got me to write down 3 whole chickens on my grocery list. Yes, the recipe I selected was for THREE chickens!!! But I had a plan. In meal planning, it’s sort of a requisite. So, doubled over in pain I went to work…

Take all 3 beauties out of the packaging and arrange in 2 baking pans.

Slice your lemons and pick some rosemary from your backyard bush. I live in Texas, they plant rosemary EVERYWHERE. Shove the above inside the bird with chopped garlic and add a little salt.

Mix the glaze in a measuring cup (honey, lemon juice and coconut aminos that we use instead if GMO laden soy sauce). Pour 2/3 over top, adding rest later in the process.




It got great reviews, but sadly, I wasn’t up for eating any. After all that buildup and I couldn’t even eat it fresh!

The cool part is that with all of the extra meat, we then made chicken salad last night for dinner. The hubs made it while I was at softball with my daughter, so no pictures. But, it was a quick and easy meal, not to mention delicious. Of course it was, this was Roast Chicken!!!


We used the recipe above as inspiration. I can’t stand cilantro, so we used whole grain mustard instead and placed it all on a bed of spinach. Voila!


One thought on “I can’t believe I roasted a chicken

  1. A crockpot is an awesome way to roast a chicken or large turkey breast and not have to worry about heating up the house or worry about it. I use crockpot all the time when making paleo meals.

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