Grain Brain


Watched an amazing PBS show (never thought I’d say that) by Dr. David Perlmutter. He is a board certified neurologist who wrote the NY Times best selling book, Grain Brain. I learned so many things including gluten’s effects on the brain.

Turns out that gluten has only been around for the last 10,000 years, about 1% of time. Humans survived and were developed to be hunters and gatherers, eating meat and whatever else the land provided. With the dawn of agriculture, wheat and all of its hybridization came into existence.

In fact, whole wheat has a higher glycemic index value than either white bread or even a snickers. This also means that no grain counts as ‘Real Food.’

Since that time, depression, Alzheimer’s and diabetes has plagued those people in developed countries. Dr. Perlmutter told stories of his own patients that improved movement disorders, improved their child’s ADHD symptoms and reversed the effects of Alzheimer’s. This is extremely profound and information that cannot be ignored.

His 3 strategies to improving brain health were to 1) remove sugar, 2) remove gluten and 3) eat good fats. While for most this is easier said than done, those that have dealt with a family member suffering from any of those maladies will know that the ‘sacrifice’ is more than worth it.

Food for thought until next time…


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