Making it work with no time or money


Between prepping for a garage sale I’m hosting this weekend, my daughter’s first sleepover (also hosting) and aforementioned softball, we are in the throws of testing my meal planning prowess. An important second goal is keeping it manageable money-wise. This brings me to tonight’s meal. It’s quick, delicious, easy the kids love it and it’s CHEAP!

I will update and post with pictures, but we are mashing up hard boiled eggs with Whole Foods guacamole and placing on a bed of spinach from the farmers market. That part is so cheap ($5 eggs and $2 worth of spinach from farmers market with $5 of guac from WF). Could also make your own and save even more! Then, we even get to have dessert!

It’s the most amazing random creation! 4-5 frozen bananas in a blender with either a can of coconut milk or whole milk. Add a splash of vanilla and dash of cinnamon and blend! Delicious soft serve ice cream for under $3 for a family of 4, and there are even seconds served! You have to try it!

My mouth is watering already…


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