Meal planning 4/27/14


My meal planning skills are being put to the test these days, but they are certainly keeping our budget in check! It is amazing how quickly meals at restaurants add up when you grab a quick bite here and there. With 2 softball games this week, we are keeping meals simple and low-key, but still uber-healthy.

Tonight my hubby is coming home after 4 days away, so I’m making his favorite dish, Parmigiano Chicken. As a side dish, we’ll sauté carrots sliced on a mandolin in ghee.

Monday will bunless bison burgers with oven roasted onions, heirloom tomato slices and raw milk Colby slices. I’m going to add an egg to the meat before making patties as the lean nature of bison makes it dry without the added fat. Throw in some healthy turmeric, garlic, salt and pepper and the side of garlic roasted broccoli and I’m excited for that meal!

Tuesday is a game night, so we’ll be enjoying a simple tuna salad copied off of my previous salads. Drain and mix with guacamole and voila! Place on a bed of spinach and dinner is done in 5 minutes.

Wednesday is a normal night, so I’ll be making skirt steak on the grill with ghee sautéed green beans.

Thursday is another game night, so a made ahead kale quiche will heat up nicely. Picked up some great kale at the farmer’s market yesterday and we have some great cream in the house to make Creme fraiche out of. That meal is always a hit, warm or cold.

I also picked up 2 pounds of bison London broil marinating in the fridge, waiting to be made into jerky today for the kids lunches! Boom! Look at me rock it while the hubs is gone. Perhaps I can whip up some coconut bark for his return home…


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