Eating ‘Real Food’ at WDW


We are about to embark on a trip to the happiest place on earth. As a meal planner of primal foods, I read several posts of other attempts to eat healthy while traveling through the parks. Many had great points, namely where we can find gluten-free items and that Disney resorts will accept packages up to 10 days in advance.

As such, I took to Amazon to find many of our favorite snacks, from Nick’s Sticks (grass-fed jerky), Artisana coconut butter, Pacific Rim organic Riesling, Tanka snacks, Go Raw carrot cake cookies and more. Imagine carrying all of these great items in your luggage versus the relief of ordering online and having them all delivered conveniently to your Disney resort. I even called ahead and spoke with the packing/receiving department at our resort to ensure they would sign as being over 21 for our wine package. As they always please, they said of course!

We are spending 4 days at the parks and then 4 days at sea. That is a lot of meals to cover, but we are allowing for some enjoyable Disney meals, of course. But managing lunches through our backpacks will not only save money and our tummies, but also time of not getting out of lines.

From home we have stocked up on macadamia nuts, sprouted raw pecans, dried cherries, blueberries and apricots (cereal), dried coconut and packs of Artisana almond butter. That along with collapsible water bottles and we’re good to go! We really looked at 6 pack bags to use as a backpack with individual containers, but the model we were hoping for just isn’t ready yet.

Can’t wait to report back as to how it went!


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