Taking baby steps forward


Entering into the world of primal eating can seem daunting. There is a whole spectrum of lifestyle changes available towards a complete transformation, enough to paralyze anyone much like looking up at Mt. Everest.

But, all I ask is that you take a step. That’s it, one small step. It may be choosing raw nuts over chips for your next snack or eating one less roll at dinner.

With each success, you gain strength and confidence in yourself. The next time you come to a decision, you can think back and realize that you made a good choice last time and survived (or even secretly high-fived yourself). Want to feel that pride again? Choose to leave that pastry behind at the Starbucks drive-thru.

Don’t look at the whole picture, rather find small ways in your everyday life to make easy swaps and gain some momentum. Then work towards something more difficult once you know you can do it. For me that was eliminating pop and taking Splenda out of my morning coffee. I didn’t always look for gluten-free shampoo and lip gloss, that was a first for me TODAY! But, it was the next step and I was ready to take it.

What will be your step today? Let me know!


Greatest Short Ribs


I love short ribs, but often cannot be bothered to do the prep. The payoff, however is soooo worth it, though. This time we threw a curveball and went for bison short ribs. They are grass-fed, and gorgeous!

We followed this awesome recipe, simply cutting it in half to meet our needs. http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/slideshow/dutch-oven-recipes/?slide=11
It is important to follow the steps to a t to develop the complex flavors that make your mouth water. The added benefit is that after 30 minutes of prep, your oven and Dutch oven do the rest!IMG_2742.JPG

I needed a side and had a head of cauliflower. This urban myth known as cauliflower rice has whispered in my ear for about 6 months. The amazing sauce this pot was producing begged for a starchy goodness to soak it all up. So, I jumped in! Following my typical cauliflower prep of food processing the veg into a rice/could cous like consistency. I then dumped it all in a pan and tossed it in the oven with the meat at 350 for 45 minutes. After walking the dog for 15 minutes, it was looking a wee dry, so I added 4 tbsp of butter cut throughout and covered with foil. When it all came out, I stirred the butter and added salt and pepper. A quick stir and then I created a delicate pallet for the ribs and sauce.

You must try this as your next special meal, or just this coming Sunday. My kids have already asked when I’m making it again…