My pretty pantry


So, Pinterest got me again. I am not a ‘project’ person. If it requires work and transformation, I keep right on going when it comes to furniture. I’d rather spend that time cooking, training, playing with kids, basically anything else.

But, my house came with a beautiful chandelier in the pantry, but a monochrome cream motif. Bleh. With as much time we spend in our pantry, it deserves to be as pretty as the chandelier. Luckily, my hubby rolled with it.

I do recommend completely clearing out your pantry once in a while. You may find things that expired 3 years ago, or just be able to clean the surface your food sits on.

I painted the walls with the shelves a gray-blue, while the other walls got a light gray. I repainted the ceiling and shelves a bright white to clean up the look. I’m very excited with the results!

I moved my cook books to a more prominent position. I have great friends that support my healthy cookbook habit by giving them to me as gifts. We have started really enjoying mason jars for everything from shakes to salad dressing to marinara. You can get them for a steal if you hit a Hobby Lobby sale for 50% off. Above is my trusty new programmable crock pot. 

We go through a lot of olive oil and coconut oil. We love this olive oil because it comes with a spigot for easy pouring. You can catch it on sale and during a owner’s appreciation week for about $17/bottle. The coconut oil is from Costco and I stock up! $15/tub and I use it to cook, lotion, Chapstick, hair goo, you name it.

Above is my collection of herbs and spices. We are gradually shifting towards organic and non-irradiated versions. The chemicals they hide in a simple spice is astounding. The shelf avove my spices are for our supplements. I still shake my head that I’m taking organ pills, but it beats having to prepare liver and glands! The collagen and MCT oil (behind one of the Organ Delights bottles) go into our Bulletproof coffee. Yum and a brain boost!

I made a snack shelf for the kids, stocked with kale chips, Gather bars, Jilz crackers, Nick’s Sticks and Jackson’s Honest potato chips. There are nuts and raisins above those, keeping healthy options at eye level. Key to healthy snacking. 


The remaining pics…will detail later!


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