We are a family who has made the transition to eating an ancestral/real food/somewhat paleo diet. There were many ups and downs, a couple of fights and tons of research over the course of 3+ years as we gradually made the switch. It was intimidating, against the grain (ha!) and an uphill battle, but we have made it to the other side. Most people’s biggest hurdle is knowing which baby steps to take first, which is why we have started this blog. We hope to provide simple, non-threatening advice as well as encouragement to making this leap. If you’ve found me, you are curious about this journey as well as restoring your vitality. Thanks for visiting us!


Tracey and the Schwartz family


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Whitney

    Trace-do y’all get your bones for broth from your delivery guy or the farmer’s market? I mean-I assume you use the meat first and then save bones? Stomach flu has me jumping all over starting to make broth for daily consumption around here…plus my nails look like crap 😉 ;)!!!!

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