Welcome to the world of Paleo


Dear Sis-

Congratulations, you just made the big decision to give Paleo a go. I’m so proud that you are taking control of your health. It can take several months to think, hear, learn about and consider. You have conquered a huge step. Of course step two can easily be a daunting task, as first thoughts immediately go to all of the items you can no longer eat. Then you wonder what’s left!? Are you stuck with turkey legs and celery? Of course not! Once you peek into the recipes on this blog, on Pinterest or from any of the many cookbooks out there, you will see a whole new world opening up.

You don’t have to spend a ton or go to far extremes of investing in alternative flours in the first several months. Dip your toe into the Paleo pool and see what happens. Start with bacon, because you can. It is the most delicious way to take any dish up a notch. The next secret key is avocados. Use them liberally in tuna, egg or chicken salad. Then sprinkle bacon on top. You won’t miss the bread or crackers you used to serve tuna salad on.


You will get lots of questions, weird looks and curious amazement. Don’t look at this lifestyle change as restrictive, but actually liberating to your body. Hold on to the hope and promise of positive changes, more energy and being an encouraging influence to those around you.

Embrace fat. Growing up in the 90’s meant subsisting on pretzels and other low-fat fare. That also meant we were always hungry. Eating paleo means you’ll be satisfied for the bulk of your day, also so liberating! Going to an all day soccer tournament? Pack easy snacks such as nuts, raisins, Tanka bars and other things you like.

That’s right, you can eat food you actually like! Don’t force yourself to eat things you hate, there are so many choices! The road to failure starts with eating terrible tasting food. Make it fun, experiment, ask questions and seek out support.

Sugar is your enemy, I know this because it is mine to. The only way to keep a leg up on sugar is to not let it win. Don’t let it pass your lips until you are stronger. There is a reason your brain reacts to it like heroin, it is so highly addictive. Give yourself a fighting chance and steer clear.

I know you can do this!!


Taking baby steps forward


Entering into the world of primal eating can seem daunting. There is a whole spectrum of lifestyle changes available towards a complete transformation, enough to paralyze anyone much like looking up at Mt. Everest.

But, all I ask is that you take a step. That’s it, one small step. It may be choosing raw nuts over chips for your next snack or eating one less roll at dinner.

With each success, you gain strength and confidence in yourself. The next time you come to a decision, you can think back and realize that you made a good choice last time and survived (or even secretly high-fived yourself). Want to feel that pride again? Choose to leave that pastry behind at the Starbucks drive-thru.

Don’t look at the whole picture, rather find small ways in your everyday life to make easy swaps and gain some momentum. Then work towards something more difficult once you know you can do it. For me that was eliminating pop and taking Splenda out of my morning coffee. I didn’t always look for gluten-free shampoo and lip gloss, that was a first for me TODAY! But, it was the next step and I was ready to take it.

What will be your step today? Let me know!